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Course 5 weekly Sessions of an hour to improve wellbeing & behaviour.

  • 5 hours
  • £60 per Session
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Week 1 - Comforting An Anxious Dog. Week 2 - Stopping Resource Guarding Week 3 - Protecting Yourself From Mouthing Or Even A Bite. Week 4 - Looselead Walking Week 5 - A Really Reliable Recall Bonus 1: Stopping Separation Anxiety Bonus 2: Training Your Dog Not To Jump Up We can help your adolescent dog to learn to stop being anxious and growling or barking with the: 3 STAGES OF CLICK TO CALM When your pup starts to growl or get upset you will be trained to reach for your clicker and click when: Stage 1.*Recognise — Click when your dog draws breath or is silent. He will start to look at and become comfortable with the unknown presence. Watch them and then move onto Stage 2. Stage 2.*Redirect - Dog starts to look at the problem and then back at you voluntarily. CLICK & TREAT when he looks at you. Stage 3.*Replace - put in the touch/massage this is a comforting behaviour that will stop the growling/barking altogether. Click & treat when he touches your outstretched hand. You will find that your dog can be a lot more joy and comfort to you when he/she learns some new behaviours. Dog training is a therapy for your wellbeing too when it is positive and force free. It will improve both of your ability to have choice and control in your life. You will learn cues (both verbal & visual) that will teach your dog: *A come every-time recall *to stay calm at home with visitors (no jumping up, barking, whining) *to walk beautifully on a loose-lead *focus on you *to leave objects without resource guarding We will do this with Cues>Praise>Treats. Also we can improve your mutt's manners: *Simple house rules to encourage manners naturally *Some essential skills outside of traditional commands that will come in handy in all areas of life *What really is socialisation and how to do it correctly *Teaching your dog to choose to focus on you around distractions *How to teach the loose lead walk *How to reward your dog if he/she won't work for food I am a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor and believe allowing our dogs to have choice and control, learning to behave with a cue/praise/treat system and using only positive methods to train them is closely linked to their and our Wellbeing.

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Brocks Hill Country Park, Washbrook Lane, Oadby, Leicester LE2 5JJ, UK

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