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We had a number of behavioural issues with our Bernese Mountain Dog and called Liz to assist in curbing these. Liz attending a number of times and provided some clear advice as to how to communicate effectively with Roma. Not only was the advice excellent, both my wife and I were given significant confidence in issuing the commands and the things to look for whilst working with Roma. Life has become significantly easier and happier for the family since Liz helped us. Liz was brilliant. Highly recommend.

~  Stephen Gibson

Recently had some coaching from Liz for our Labrador who was pulling on the lead and barking at specific dog types. Liz gave us the training to improve the way our dog behaved and slowly he is improving. Would certainly recommend Liz

~  Rachel V

Liz has loads of helpful tips and advice- any specific behavioural dog problems and Liz can assist Liz has a deep understanding of dogs, she is reliable and her no nonsense but kindly approach gets results which promotes happy dogs and happy owners Can highly recommend

~  A M Madden

Thank you Liz for coming to ourhome and showing us the basics for training our border collie pup. Poppy has responded well and although on going training we now know how to get her to respond to good behaviour and praise the good behaviour. She is learning to walk to heel and now can sit and go down and stay when walking away from her for 10 seconds. We are very pleased with all the training given.

~  Valerie Grant

I was looking for a puppy class to socialise & teach basic good behaviours to our 5 month old Newfoudlands. The well-being dog programme was a perfect fit. Well organised training with great success. Thank you Elizabeth

~  Andi Tew

It was lovely working with you yesterday. I feel you are the perfect person to work with Pepper, Olive and myself. I love the more holistic approach to training - with kindness and understanding of a dogs wellbeing.

I will take some time to read through the Body Language attachment - very interesting.

I have been working on the 'Touch' command - I am definitely getting some positive response to this

~  Sam Richardson
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